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Zhao Jiwei: three people have been banned for my team more confident Zhao Jiwei said the team to face the dilemma of Tencent sports news October 25th (reporter Chen Yueze) the new season is already in sight, also pay close attention to the preparations for the Liaoning men’s basketball team. In an interview recently, Liaoning defender Zhao Jiwei said, to ban the three people such as Guo Ailun, the Liaoning team is ready, but the injury after himself, is more confident. About the prospects for the new season, Zhao Jiwei said: "his role on the pitch on the line, if it is with two foreign aid with how to play with a foreign aid, how to play with, how to play with the inside, these usually run well, the rest is a. Play." Because of the conflict in the finals last season, the Liaoning team three players Guo Ailun, He Tianju and Liu Zhixuan of the new season are a number of different suspension, which Zhao Jiwei said the team is ready. "In the face of these circumstances, the team has been prepared, the beginning of their own burden may be heavier, but the team will be better and better." Zhao Jiwei said. Many people are injured and suspended Li Xiaoxu, add a lot of difficulties for the Liaoning team. And Zhao Jiwei himself in the last season because of injuries almost completely reimbursed, talking about his current state, Zhao Jiwei said: the main is with foreign aid, especially with the little bit of cooperation between the little bit of Randolph. The new season to fight every ball on the line, it is difficult, but in any case, our goal is still the championship." The new season, the injury of Zhao Jiwei is expected to get more performance opportunities, it also allows him to look forward to the new season. Zhao Jiwei said: in the Liaoning team on the defensive line, there are old players, when playing the players of the year, there are foreign aid, as well as a team of players to catch up on their own, the competition is very fierce. But after a period of training in the national team, the game, I am more confident, and I am also looking forward to the new season." And when it comes to the specific season of the new season, Zhao Jiwei said he did not think too much, to help the team through the most important. "The time of the appearance of the players can not decide, or to help the team through the storm, and then wait for the main players back, look at the arrangement of the coach, watching the players to determine the state." Zhao Jiwei said.相关的主题文章: