Zhengzhou scrap car several months in Longhu did not move from the vehicle to the steering wheel lon-jessica rabbit

Zhengzhou scrap car several months in Longhu did not move from the vehicle to the steering wheel long grass throw scrapped car several months in Longhu did not move recently, enthusiastic public big river newspaper hotline 96211 says: Zheng Dong New District of Longhu more and more beautiful scenery around, but in the north shore of Longhu lake, was parked in a car scrapped car. The car has been stopped for several months, and the management department is hoping to clean up the scrap car as soon as possible. Our reporter Wang Xinchang verified: yesterday afternoon 5 o’clock, Dahe newspaper reporter came to Longhu north shore to find, along the Longhu inner ring road, in the northwest corner of Longhu, saw the scrapped car. The scrap car is a two car car, no license plate, the body of glass all around the car has been weathered and broken, the tire is also weathered. The door on one side of the driver’s seat is lost and the car is in a mess, and the grass grows from the bottom to the steering wheel. In the interview, a citizen who was taking a walk to exercise said that when he came to play in June this year, he found the car, and there was no management to clean up. Subsequently, the Dahe newspaper reporter contacted the Longhu office on the spot. A staff member inquired the detailed address, and said he would send someone to the scene to verify the situation, and it would clean up the scrapped car as soon as possible.

郑州报废车停龙湖数月没挪窝 野草从车底长到方向盘 报废车扔龙湖数月没挪窝   近日,热心市民致电大河报热线96211称:郑东新区龙湖周边景色越来越美,然而在龙湖北岸的湖滩上,竟然停着一辆报废的小轿车。该车已停了数月,希望管理部门尽快把报废车清理走。   本报记者王新昌核实:昨日下午5时许,大河报记者来到龙湖北岸寻找,沿着龙湖内环路,在龙湖西北角处,看到了这辆报废车。报废车是一辆两厢轿车,没挂车牌,车体四周的玻璃都已风化破碎,轮胎也风化没气了。驾驶座一侧的车门丢失,车内凌乱不堪,野草从车底长到了方向盘位置。采访中,一位正在散步锻炼身体的市民说,今年6月份他来玩时,就发现有这辆车了,一直没有管理方来清理。   随后,大河报记者在现场电话联系龙湖办事处,该办事处一位工作人员询问了详细地址,称将派人到现场核实情况,会尽快将报废车清理走。相关的主题文章: